Saturday, November 24, 2007


I am having trouble sleeping tonight - just come off a week of nights, and desperately trying to get my circadian rhythms back in synch!
I've just had a cup of tea in the garden, admiring the very bright Hunters moon (see below) and Mars.

I've seen many shooting stars, and used to deliberately camp outside when one of the annual showers was visible, but I've only seen two shooting stars before tonight that matched the one I've literally just seen.

This one (tonight) would have lit up the ground slightly (if there was no moon), it was that bright, with a long white tail and a fluorescent bright green "head". It was in the opposite part of the sky to the moon (at 04:30am), ie low in the north east, and lasted a full second I'd say, as it streaked across a large portion of the night sky.

Bear in mind that the full moon tonight is incredibly bright, and yet this particular shooting star was not drowned out in the slightest - far from it - it was absolutely spectacular.

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