Sunday, November 11, 2007


A kind colleague at work has loaned me her super-duper digital camera to play with to see if I think it may be worth shelling out some moolah for a new camera.
I know my phone is pretty good for macro shots (well, for a phone anyway), but anything else is pretty poor.
How on earth will I get a decent photo of my Peregrine?

The 2 shots above ( 1 on this post, one on the post above) compare my phone's shot of the Thames Tower, this post, (and Peregrine on its perch - though you'll bust your eyes trying to see anything other than a white dot!) and a photo taken by me this afternoon from the same spot below the tower, of the perch the Peregrine was sitting on yesterday, with my colleague's camera at full zoom, (post above).
Point made I think.

The photo above the building photos is of my left eye taken a few minutes ago, with my colleagues camera.

Click on it to enlarge it, and you'll immediately see I have an insect living under my eyelid.

Not only that, I seem to have a nice orange blob in my iris, meaning I will almost certainly die of an exploded liver (or something like that) in the not too distant future...

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