Sunday, November 04, 2007


My eldest sister and her husband organise one of these each year.
100 or so people (including the world famous Richard Fortey this year) head off into Black Park (near Wexham, Berkshire) to forage for as much fungi (edible with luck) as they can, then we head back to the house and eat them...
Great stuff!
This year Anna and I were lucky enough to go, we certainly had a fantastic time!
I've not been to Black Park (and its neighbouring park Langley Park, Near Slough) since I camped there when I was a boy. A wonderful area of 1000s of acres of mixed woodland, meadows and a lake or two, and absolutely spectacular at this time of year with the colours of the foliage and hidden fungi below.

We were lucky enough to find many different species of fungi, but most of which I didn't take photos of.
The highlights of our search (for me, anyway) were 8 or 9 Bolete sp of mushroom (we didn't manage to identify them to species level, but I rather think they were a mixture of Bay and Birch Boletes), a PERFECT 'Penny Bun' or Cep (white pores like the more yellow pores of the other Boletes), which looks just like a penny bun - an almost toasted cap and a thick wide stem, the infamous Magic Mushrooms (which I'm really gutted I didn't photograph, as I've only just learned how to identify these), a very picturesque clump of unidentified Brittlestem (probably Clustered Brittlestem I think), hundreds of Amethyst deceivers, a good number of Common Puffballs, lots of Common Earthballs, a dozen or so Fly Agaric (the red and white toadstool) and a very phallic Stinkhorn.

We thoroughly enjoyed our walk around the park, and I did manage to take a few photos which I'll post above.
Two of the three species of fungus that I'll post photos of above are yet to be identified definitely to species level - I'll work on that and change the title of those photos very soon. I have an idea for both - but will confirm it with experts as soon as I can.

A wonderful afternoon / evening, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, lots of Goldcrests, some very noisy Woodpeckers and very good company, and you know what, the mushrooms fried later by my Brother in Law, topped off the day perfectly...

Click on ANY of the photos above to enlarge considerably.

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