Thursday, November 22, 2007


Blue Tits.
Had enough of them?
At the last count, "Blue-Grey" had 62 posts on "Our Tits".
I haven't seen ANY activity near the box, since they fledged in May, and the adults soon realised that all their chicks had indeed gone.

Now, I'm well aware that some garden birds tend to roost in birdboxes during cold, winter nights - it happened last year with us - the female roosted in the box before a nest was built.

Like I said, I hadn't seen any activity at the box UNTIL yesterday lunchtime.
A plump, sleek, adult Blue Tit landed on the chopstick perch and stayed there for about a minute.
I don't know whether it had done so before, and I hadn't been around to notice it. I don't know whether there is a Blue Tit roosting in our box at night currently. (Its normally just the one).
I don't know whether this is a rejuvenated Scargill or indeed Anne.
I don't know whether this is a different bird from a different family, a grown-up fledgling of ours (very possibly), or even what sex it is. Yet.
(I don't knows a lot does I?)

What I do know though, is I'm very excited by this - I'm pretty sure we'll have Tits in the box again this coming season, and I intend to change the way I record activity this time.
I have been searching for a very cheap nestcam on tinterweb.
I think I've found what I'm looking for, and intend to order it post-haste.
Its very cheap, very basic, not great images and will probably break down the second I attempt to fix it to the box.
It might be very amusing though, to see the inside of the box with a family inside, and prevent the need for a lot of guessing like last year.
It being cheap, will not be a web-cam for you all to see - I'll bung the feed into the back of our telly (techno speak - you like?) and when/if something interesting happens, I'll take a photo of the tv screen and post the image on "Blue-Grey".

What I don't intend to happen is for me to do what I did last year, and spend hours gazing at the box, making notes (and mental notes) so that I could fathom out what was / was not happening in the box. ('Though I made a pretty good job of it if I say so myself).

Any posts this year on "Our Tits (season 2)" will be very, very short, and with luck, accompanied by an image.
I anticipate not posting more than a dozen times on the Tits this year - a bit less than 60 odd, you'll no doubt be please to hear!

Not much time now before we may well get a "rooster". (I hear the wind is changing to a cold North Easterly this weekend).
Must pick up the pace, get and fix that camera.

Nice to know the Tits are still keen though.
I think so.

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