Thursday, November 08, 2007


Walking home from the office today, at around 14:45, via the station, I took my customary glance up at the big brown office block opposite the main entrance hoping (as I always do) to see the Reading Peregrine(s).
Its been weeks (months even?) since I've seen one on its roost, but today I was in luck.
At EXACTLY the same time as I looked, the big female flew in like an arrow, and settled near the top of the building and began to preen.
She's back.
Good news.

(Of course, just like every other time, no-one on the ground even noticed...).

NB. 9/11/07 (The next day). She's still there, looking very frisky, with her pyjama bottoms ruffling in this stiff breeze, and cocking her head and peering at the pigeons, gulls and odd crow flying by - most of which (like the humans far below) haven't even seen her I'm sure - there's no mobbing going on!
I'll post a photo above. You'll not see much - it was taken on my phone, but those eagle-eyed amongst you may pick out a white smudge near the top left of the Thames Tower - Thats her!

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