Thursday, August 30, 2007


A colleague of mine told me to look out for the full moon this week - maybe she links I'm a lunatic, or maybe she is?

I saw it last night, low (and appearing very large) in the southeast sky, although I think it was strictly a full moon the night before.

This is an actual picture of the full moon on the 28th August, (not last night, the night before).

Monthly Full moons have always been named. I guess the most famous of these is the Harvest Moon, which occurs around September 23rd each year (this is the moon that appears (and only appears) to be the largest, most colourful moon of the year); but the Full Moon in August is the Wyrt Moon (always the full moon BEFORE the Harvest Moon).

In common with many things in life, these monthly full moons have many names - the August Full Moon is also called the Corn Moon or the Dispute Moon (Celtic name) or the Lightning Moon, as well as the Wyrt Moon. (Wyrt is a green plant (modern name 'Wort' as in 'Ragwort'), and this pagan name was first given to the August Full Moon in medieval times).

Just in case you didn't know, a BLUE MOON strictly is the THIRD Full Moon of a season which has four full moons in it. This is a a rare event as most 3 month periods only have 3 full moons, (one a month). The modern definition of a Blue Moon is the second full moon in a Gregorian (modern) calendar month - rare also. The last Blue Moon by that definition was in June this year, and the next (by the older definition) will be in May next year. But you knew that anyway, eh?

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