Thursday, August 30, 2007


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We've always liked this large mural, painted on an (unused now) office side at the corner of our street - I've just never got round to photographing it before this morning, and I've only recently found out who painted it and why.

The mural is situated right opposite Reading Cattle Market (on our road), where Anna and I disappear every other saturday morning for a bit of shin and some breakfast! Well, that explains the subject of the mural then.

It turns out that a friend of a friend of a friend in my office is the artist. He was caught illegally spraying graffiti on walls in the area, so the powers that be thought they'd persuade him to use his skills in a positive manner and paint the cows above.

You might argue that that hardly constitutes a punishment, or community service (which I think is what is was called at the time). You might well be right. I wouldn't care much.

I wish more buildings were adorned with this sort of stuff.


electrichalibut said...

Ah, the farmers' market. Did you ever get those rooks you were talking about?

The Black Rabbit said...

They'd sold out the last few toymes.Gutted.
I'll keep looking though - I think Rook may taste ok?!

The Black Rabbit said...

I've just thought.
I'm up at 3am, in the dead of night, writing about eating rooks!
I've turned into some kind of fantasy monster, or a weird creepy old man?! (The latter is probably nearer the mark)!

The truth is, I'm in "jet-lag" mode after my recent graveyard (night) shifts at work, and I thought I'd pop outside to see the constellations, and then check my email account. Honest guv.

Mwah ah ah ah aaaaaaah.....!