Tuesday, August 14, 2007


These birds (we only saw FOUR in the fortnight) were possibly the highlight of the avian sites I saw all holiday, but then again, I do love my Swifts!
Alpine Swifts are large, slower flying Swifts than the Common variety, with white bellys and white throats (although it is often difficult to spot the white throat from a distance).
They can be found all over mountainous and hilly regions of the Mediterranean, (not just the Alps), and I spotted our first flying through the mists of Mount Ainos. A wonderful site, that I'll never forget.
Before we left the island, on our penultimate day, Anna and I were sat on the balcony, quaffing Greek Mythos beer no doubt, and three more wonderful Alpine Swifts flew right over our head.
I'm so glad to have seen these birds, and it was certainly a sight I didn't expect to see...!

Picture is once again courtesy of Arthur Grossett - thanks Arthur - click to enlarge.

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