Tuesday, August 14, 2007


A rather large, famous mountain named "Monte Nero" (talked about before).
A wonderfully green mountain, thick with Kephalonian Firs, incredibly dense on the ground and quite eerily spooky in the cold misty clouds, with the odd cry of an Eagle or Long-Legged Buzzard in the mist, Alpine Swifts flying through the cold, foggy clouds and giant Long-Horned Beetles wandering ponderously across the rough stone track which virtually leads to the summit.
Anna and I drove our hire car as far as we were allowed, stopped it, and then the water tank exploded in a shower of steam, boling itself dry in the process. Luckily the reservoir hadn't split and we had packed 6 litres of water for ourselves anyway - so it was a simple matter of leaving it to cool down for a few hours while we strolled though the clouds up the mountain (we couldn't have a better spot on the entire island to cool a boiled over resevoir down!) and re-fill the radiator with 2 litres of mineral water on our return.

What did we expect though? We drove a 1litre Fiat up the highest mountain on the island and it blew up!

I really appreciated this day. I do like my trees and forests, and this part of the island is SO different to the hot, sunny coasts - it was almost like we hadn't even gone abroad at times.
We were hoping for better views - top tip -climb Mount Ainos for an evening view if you want views - by that time the cloud built up during the morning might have slipped back down the slopes, but with or without views, it was a really great, different trip to a normal mediterranean holiday.

NB. I'll talk about various animals we encountered up Mt.Ainos later...

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electrichalibut said...

Hurhurhurhur. You said "mount anus".

The Black Rabbit said...

You guessed my name for it then...