Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Autumn seems to be coming early this year? The blackberries were ripening before we went to Greece, in late July, (weeks early?), the fruit harvest is early and leaves are turning yellow and beginning to drop already.
I snapped the photo above this evening - our Lime Tree is turning very golden...
NB. 12/09/07 And two weeks later, the leaves are dropping from our Lime Tree faster than you can say: "the leaves are dropping from our Lime Tree"!
The garden is covered in crispy brown leaves now, and has been for a week I guess.

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electrichalibut said...

I noticed that up on't moors as well. Thought it was raining one morning and got up to have a look - turns out it was just the wind shaking some brown leaves off a tree onto the tent. Luckily I was already awake anyway as the comedy Geordie family next door were having an argument.