Thursday, August 30, 2007


I haven't posted about Sparrowhawks for some time, but Anna and I were treated to a wonderful sight of a pink-breasted male Sparrowhawk fly right through (well, 20' above anyway) the garden this morning.
We were watching two Goldfinches chow down on the feeder seeds, when suddenly, without warning they flew away.
We had also noticed a couple of Magpies get a little twitchy, sat on the roof below.

One of the Magpies took to the air above our heads, giving a little alarm squawk, and immediately a male Hawk, in wonderful condition flew past us, relatively slowly and low - I don't think he was hunting with serious intent at the time.

Another example of what you WILL see, should you:

a) spend a large amount of time outside like we do, looking at everything and nothing in particular (if you see what I mean)?!
b) look in detail at the signs around you, and question what you are seeing AT THE TIME! Birds will almost always tell you a Hawk is in the vicinity before you see it. Keep 'em peeled, and you will!

A wonderful view of a beautiful male Sparrowhawk then. But no Goldfinch breakfast for him this morning...

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