Monday, August 13, 2007


Any readers of Blue-Grey might like to note that I got back from Kephalonia late on Saturday night and am now back at work.
I proposed to Anna on the most stunning beach you can imagine on the 4th August - luckily she said YES! So we are now engaged!

We had a wonderful two weeks (we weren't evacuated from the island, though we did see one forest fire and witnessed bits of scrub damage from other recent fires).
The weather was not uncomfortably hot at all, with a good breeze for most of the two weeks, taking the edge off any extreme temperatures). We are bronzed and slightly plump, having sunned ourselves for two weeks and stuffed our crops full of Meze, Stifado, Kleftiko, Shark, Keftedes etc... and of course tons of Greek Yoghurt and Honey.
We saw much of the island, many views and many mediterranean creatures, some of which I'll post about when I get a chance).

But for now, as Foot and Mouth disease has once again broken out in Surrey, and on top of that, we are now expecting at least two days of torrential rain and gales this week, life at the EA may be a tad busy again this week (oh... how grand it is to be back) - I'll post about Kephalonia in more detail whan I can.

Watch this space...


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