Tuesday, August 14, 2007


This is reputably the most photographed beach in Europe. Upon seeing it, it is not hard to understand why. A long beach of very pale sand (and a small amount of wave-bashed smooth shingle)surrounded by huge 500' jutting cliffs, on the northwest coast of the island, with the most incredible coloured turquoise water - the like of which I doubt very much we'll see in a hurry again.
We visited the beach twice - firstly when there was a fair amount of surf thrown up by a northerly breeze, and the final time when the water was far quieter with very little waves to speak of.

The first time we went, the choppy waters had churned the pale sand up so much, that the sea had turned milky and opaque. The almost fluorescent aqua-marine colour mixed with the milky salty sandy water produced what I assume was an optical illusion of immense proportions. The water was SO bright blue that ones eyes quite literally couldn't take any more blue, and once out in the warm sea (past the breakwater), in the 6' swells, the sky appeared to be bright red. Incredible really, no words or photos can do it justice, but I'll post a couple of unedited photos to try.
I was particularly proud of Anna this first time, as she has had issues with confidence in the sea in the past - this was a SERIOUS sea to go out in and she managed it twice, albeit being shown by a large wave on her return to the beach for the second (and last) time, that the ocean was in fact in control, and dragging her up the beach, filling up her bikini bottoms with pebbles.
I'm lucky I suppose, that I've had a little experience with waves in the past, and being somewhat bigger than Anna and almost certainly more stubborn, managed to get out and back a good few times, although I certainly didn't take the sea that day for granted.

The second time we visited the beach, the water was almost flat-calm, and certainly Anna was relieved! The water was crystal clear this time also.
It was on this day (August 4th - NOT the date of this post) that we took a walk up to a quiet part of the beach, under a goat climbing 100' up a large rockfall, and I proposed to Anna.
I don't think she suspected anything until I asked her to close her eyes, dug the engagement ring out of my shorts pockets and went down on one knee.

We hope to return to Myrtos Beach sometime in our lives, for an anniversary of sorts, maybe in a decade or two.
Until then, it will certainly remain in our minds....
Mind blowing colours and the pictures (above) are completely unedited.

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