Wednesday, February 20, 2008


As discussed right at the start of the month, HERE, we have a Total Lunar Eclipse to look forward to tonight.
After a good ten or so clear nights recently, its pretty cloudy today (at least where I am), so we'll just have to cross our fingers, and hope this grey sky clears as the day and night go on.
Its not as user friendly as the spectacular eclipse of March 3rd 2007, which was completely clear of cloud, and at a more respectable time of about 10pm.

Tonight's Total Lunar Eclipse will begin about 1:30am, totality will occur at 03:26am, and it will all be over until the next time, by about 05:15am ish.

Your next chance to see a Total Lunar Eclipse in the UK?
December 21st 2010.

Make the most of this one if you can...


NB. (The next day). Unfortunately, here in Reading, whilst at 11pm the sky was clear, if very hazy, by 11:10pm, we had pretty thick cloud cover on and off - so no view for us this time...
Hey Ho.
Lets hope December 21st 2010 will be better eh?



Later still. I have just (12pm on the 21st) found out that my "statcounter" (the facility to record visitors to BG found right at the very bottom of the page of the blog - under the feeds) crashed this morning, what with all the hits I was getting with specific reference to last night's lunar eclipse.
I've reset it now, but it is even more of a shame I couldn't see it last night and pop some photographs on the blog, eh?
Aw well...


Jane said...

It's going to be at 10pm tonight... so I'm looking forward to watching it in the Florida Keys! Thanks for reminding me. Jane

Mike Rom said...

I was able to see the eclipse at 9:30pm (CST). It was a clear and cold night (10F). I called Pip but her view was blocked by another building. I wish I had a telescope!

electrichalibut said...

I was indoors eating curry. Can we do it tomorrow night instead?

The Black Rabbit said...

Great stuff Mike! I am very jealous!

Halibut - you were up at three thirty int' marnin, eating a curry.
Whilst the cat's away eh???!!!!

electrichalibut said...

Well spotted. I was in fact in bed, asleep, the silence broken only by some snoring and the odd lentil-y bubbling noise.

Jane said...

The Black Rabbit. You weren't the only one who didn't see it! Beautiful clear skies the night before, beautiful clear skies the night after, loads of very wet, very "eclipse blocking" clouds on the night! Oh well! Jane