Saturday, February 02, 2008


Anna and I have a bit of reputation now for finding "purple notes" (£20s) on the street.
I found my latest this morning, at about 06:30am, outside TGI Fridays in Reading, whilst I walked to work in the dark.
I think that stands now, at three each, for us both, in the last year...!

What's that got to do with white skies?
Nothing really.
Its February the 2nd, thats all, which means its -
1) My mother's birthday (she always refers to snow as "White Hell") and
2) Groundhog day in the historical society of Berks County in Reading, Pennsylvania (not Reading in Royal Berkshire, where I type this post).

You may (or may not) be interested to know that not 10 minutes ago, the famous Marmot, (Groundhog, Woodchuck) "Punxsutawney Phil" predicted that there will be six more weeks of winter. At least, in that neck of the woods....
A howl of derision went up from the baying crowd, at which point they were told "not to blame the messenger".
I've read that this particular Groundhog is invariably correct...

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urbanextension said...

Wow. I've never found a £20... best I've ever found was a pound coin. You obviously hang-out at the right spots...

I've never really understood Groundhog Day. Andrew does. I will have to ask him to explain it AGAIN.

It's Super Bowl Sunday today... whoopee! (I don't think!). Going to a BBQ next door to eat lots and watch men on TV move 1 metre and get paid lots of money... I'm sorry I just don't get it!