Saturday, February 16, 2008


I think I'm slowly getting the hang of this photographing the moon business.

Took a few shots tonight, on different manual settings.

This was the best, and I think makes ALL my other efforts at photographing the moon look absolutely awful. (Its all to do with resizing your digital image, but I won't bore you with all that nerdy stuff).

Click to enlarge.

NB. Remember the Total Lunar Eclipse at 3am (ish) 21st feb. I may get up for that if (big IF) the sky is clear - thats when this moon-training may well come in handy!


Jane said...

Fantastic photo, you can see so much detail.

I may be strange, but I'd love to hear about all the nerdy stuff!

How the hell do you get these pictures? down a telescope which you then attach your camera to? just from your camera? Do you need "special" camera stuff to get take it?

Go on... let your inner nerdy self run free and tell all! Jane

The Black Rabbit said...

Even though we have an astronomical telescope Jane, (and a birdy one, too), the picture just made use of the camera and a 1.54x teleconverter.
All details can be found by using this link to my New Warren, where all my photographs are kept).

Failing that, just click on "New Warren" at the top of BG...

Thanks for your comment by the way - glad you like the photo!