Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pseudeuophrys lanigera "THE HOUSE JUMPING SPIDER"

I always thought this was called the "Wall jumping spider", but after a little research, it seems like it has no common name - just Pseudeuophrys lanigera.

I found this on our hall ceiling this morning, and its taken me an hour or so to get a few half decent shots of it.

I'll add to this post when I can, after finding out more about this tiny wee jumping spider - about 4mm in length and 3mm in width.
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NB. Later today.
After some more research I have found that this spider is one of eleven species found within this genus in Europe. Our spider is a female (its fore legs are not darkened - as is the normal colouration for displaying males), and it does have a common name - the "House Jumping Spider". It is very often found near or in human habitations - often on or in roofs, and sometimes in rooms - like the one I photographed.


Jane said...

I'm now a convert. Having hated, detested and loathed spiders all my life I'm now fascinated by them. Thanks! Jane

The Black Rabbit said...

Jane. I'll let you into a secret.
I'm hardly an arachnophile (is that a word?) myself , but I find these wee jumping spiders great fun!

electrichalibut said...

The "house jumping spider"? It can jump over a house?. Strewth.

So what can a "tiny wee jumping spider" jump over?

The Black Rabbit said...

A tiny drop of wee.
Duh. Obviously!

Alex H said...

Ahh so that's what they are called! I'm just sat in my conservatory and I saw this tiny little spider on the arm of the couch so I went to flick it off but the litter bugger jumped on to the floor when he saw me coming.

I don't really like spiders but this guy is kind of cool!