Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This is now the THIRD species of "Jumping Spider" I've photographed this week.

Along with my "House Jumping Spider" in the spare bedroom, and my "Fence-Post Jumper" on the Blue Tit box, I've now re-found this little lady, hunting on our back gate, in the warm sun today.

This, of course, is the most famous Jumping Spider in Britain - the "Zebra Spider", Salticus scenicus, and this indivdual is once again, a small female (no HUGE chelicerae (fangs) on her like the Zebra Spider males), at about 2-3mm high and 4mm long.

I've gone into this species' biology before, so no need to again, but do click on any of the above images to enlarge them...
I've added the best to the "New Warren" and enlarged it MUCH larger if you'd like to take a look HERE.


Jane said...

Now I'm hooked. I've even started "looking" for spiders. Something which is totally unheard of in our house! What brilliant little spiders. They look like they've got 4 eyes. Very spooky. Perhaps your Zebra Spider and my Zebra Longwing should get together? Jane

The Black Rabbit said...

I do admit, I do adore these little jumpers.
I have a few photographs showing the eyes at the back of the head also (eight in total, in a ring around their head for these spiders), but I really wanted to get close in to the 2 BIG eyes at the front, first of all.
Thanks for your comment Jane!

I honestly don't think I could take better photo's of the female jumpers at the moment, so may well leave the "jumper photography" until I find a few males.
The male Zebra in particular is VERY impressive!