Monday, December 10, 2007


The new toy arrived today - a nest box complete with mini camera to record any to-ings and fro-ings in the box this year, (should we be that lucky again).

It records in colour during the day, and in black and white (infra red) during the night, so we will always be able to see what our tits are up to. (Again, if they nest in the box).

I'll talk about it in more detail when I get more time, but I'm dead impressed with it! I'll be able to record short movies and stills and publish them here, or on the web.

All that, and it was relatively easy to set up, even with my sausage fingers!

The two shots below are of the exterior of the box (obviously!) and just a quick one ( a test really) of the interior - the wood shavings on the box floor are out of focus as the camera is deliberately focused about 2-3" higher than that, to produce sharper photos / movies of any birds themselves, should, (and I've stressed this twice, so why not thrice) they visit this year...

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