Sunday, December 23, 2007


We've had some cold, frosty and foggy nights in the last week or so. I hear the weather is set to get warmer and wetter now.
Just in the last three days we've noticed a significant increase and regularity of birds visiting the garden, and feeder(s).

Both Blue Tits are picking sunflower hearts from the posh feeder, as is a very boldly-coloured Great Tit, and at least two pairs of Greenfnches.
A Robin and a Dunnock also - quite unusual for them to feed from a feeder, and the ubiquitous House Sparrows.
The starlings are in their glorious winter plumage now, and the Woodpigeons are still picking up dregs from the feeding of the smaller birds on the feeeder...
The Blackbirds are still "pit-stopping" with us on the way to next doors' berry bush and I've noticed a few Chaffinches occasionally with us too.

Yesterday, we noticed one solitary Goldfinch on the Lime Tree at the end of the garden, but today literally five minutes ago, AT LONG LAST, a Goldfinch took from the feeder.
We've had the odd visit in the last 5 months, but thats been about it - nothing really to speak of regarding Goldfinches since we flew out to Kephalonia at the back end of July!!!

We really hope this is not a one-off fleeting visit - and we get our Goldfinches back to stay. With my new camera, I should be able to get some really nice photographs of them, given time.

Oh. One last point. We've both noted now that the Blue Tits are definitely checking out the new nestcam box. Maybe they've visited the box (externally) every day for the past week or so - hard to tell really.
I'm VERY confident we'll have nesting birds come March or April.
REALLY good news....

I'm sitting here overlooking the garden now - and there are SIX species of birds at present, below me, including one of the Tits on the roof of the nest box.
Something I've not seen in this garden before - six species together! Things ARE finally looking up!
Just waiting for the woodpecker to visit its feeder now...

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