Monday, December 24, 2007


We had the Blue Tits (both) visiting the box a number of times during the morning.

Unfortunately, I was leaning out of the window trying to attract a Wren that I'd seen, with my Wren Call, so didn't actually manage to record any footage of any bird IN the box.

The only clip I did get was of a flickering shadow inside the box as one of the birds poked its head inside and peeped with its eyes, as well as its voicebox(es).

Turn the music off at the bottom of the home page of BG, and press play (twice) on this first clip. Even if it looks like there is no clip to play (ie a dark space above the play button). If your computer is set up to play clips, play it will, for 4 seconds.

You'll see the shadow, you'll hear the Blue Tit.

Remember, the camera is in the middle of the roof, facing directly down into the inside of the box - the opening hole for the birds is effectively out of shot, at the top of the image.

Our first Blue Tit video. 4 seconds long. Of a Shadow, and a few squeaks. They WILL get better - I promise!


urbanextension said...

How exciting (and I'm not being sarcastic!). I've had an outdoor colour/infra red camera for christmas, so I will be trying to spot the wildlife in my garden day and night now... but I will be watching out for your nestbox pictures...

The Black Rabbit said...

Its not quite a UE quality video is it?!
Took me all day to try and work out how to upload the video.

I'm excited too - our own Blue Tit videos on BG! (IF they nest again this year - I do hope they will).

urbanextension said...

I know what you mean. We have foxes under our shed every year. Last year there were 5 fox cubs. I bet you this year is the first year with no cubs! I will have to keep an eye on the den, because the vixens will be sussing it out already... I will have to make it as welcoming as possible. I'm dying to get some good footage of cubs emerging from the den for the first time and the rough and tumbles on the grass... the number of hours I've spent watching them from our cold greenhouse is nobody's business (now I should be able to watch them from the warmth of my office!) Good luck with your camera... I'm sure the bluetits will nest...