Friday, December 21, 2007


I took some photographs of two birds some time ago on BG. A male Tufted Duck, and a Barnacle Goose, by Reading Rowing Club on the Thames, surrounded by Canada / Grey Geese and Mallards.

They're still in situ - these photographs are from yesterday afternoon.

I know they can fly away, to join their own kind.

They don't appear to want to?


urbanextension said...

If you like birds you may also like he also takes pictures too/from work!

I like the ducks, but what I love most is the oiliness of the look of the water and the brilliant reflections.

The Black Rabbit said...

Thanks UE!
I like the reflections in the Tufty shot also, probably the only reason I put that photo on BG this morning - its hardly a great shot - the light was terrible and I was a fair old distance from the bird.
I know what you mean about the 'oiliness' of the water also - though to be fair - this is the Thames in Reading - probably full of diesel!

I did look at Rich Steel's site. His wonderful photographs put my efforts to shame!!!


urbanextension said...

I hope they didn't really put you to shame - they shouldn't have! You have a very good eye for a picture. I just thought you had a lot in common with Rich Steels site. Let's face it, sometimes it isn't always the vest photo with sums up the atmosphere the best... I know that's right with my site.

urbanextension said...

vest = best
with = which


The Black Rabbit said...

Hey UE!
I read my thanks comment to you and it might have come across as a sarcastic .... yeah... THANKS UE, for pointing me in the direction of a REAL photographer!!!
Whoops! Thats not what I meant of course!!

I actually did mean a genuine thanks.

I agree with you about the best photo's often not having atmosphere, or at least I'm pretty sure I understand you.

In this day and age, when digiscoping is all the rage, we have a veritable plethora of photographs of razor-sharp birds, filling the frame - but no sense of story, environment, time, weather even, or atmospere.

I'm shortly compiling an "end of year report" for BG, with 10 or so of my favourite photos of this year (that I'VE taken) and my two favourite shots of the year that ANYONE has taken - I've already got permission from one of the photographers to use his image.
His image probably is not technically the best, (though he is a marvellous technical photographer), but it is quite simply the best (non-macro) wildlife-related photo I've seen all year. All down to composition, story and interest in that one. Not absolute clarity.

Cor dear - I've set that one up now, eh?
I'll have the "end of year report" up on BG complete with my images and those two other images by Hogmanay!!!