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As mentioned below, I would like to take this opportunity to publish the two photographs in 2007 that were NOT taken by me, that blew me away this year. Two categories - Macro (this one) and Non-Macro (the next).
I will write a short amount of text on each, and publish the photographs in a separate post above the text (to enable readers of BG to do the normal, and "click to enlarge").

There were many macro shots that I had to choose between for this, my choice of Macro-shot of the year. I narrowed it down to two (both by the same photographer), and fnally, after much to-ing and fro-ing, chose this one (published above).

The Macro photograph was taken by a new friend, a friend who has since sold me the camera he took this photograph with, and helped me immensely with shed-loads of photography advice - something, I'm sure regular readers of BG will know, I'm very new to.

The Zebra Spider. By "MH"
What can I say about this wonderful shot. We all know these jumping, hunting spiders. These spiders are not big at all.
MH suggests they are good subjects. Because, I assume their big telescopically-visioned eyes often look into the lens and they stick around long enough for one to take a few photographs.

I rather think this photograph took some doing though. They move quickly, and more importantly I think, turn round quickly. I own the same model of macro-lens that MH used for this shot - its depth of field is TINY, even with the camera (which I also own now!) set to an aperture of F.8.

I'm rather fond of these inquistive little arachnids, and adore this photograph.
The skill level behind it, the patience involved, and the resulting detail is simply staggering, and those are the reasons why my friend MH has won my "Favourite Macro-Shot of the year, 2007" with his photograph of a Zebra Spider.

Click HERE to take a sense-altering trip to the online photo gallery of MH.
(For the record, my second place in this category was his close up of a pair of Dragonfly's eyes - you'll find that photo, as well as this one, in the Macro section of his online photo album).

Thanks for your old camera.
Thanks for all your advice and friendly banter!
Thanks for inspiring me.
And well done on winning the inaugral "Macro-shot of the year"!

Photo above.

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