Thursday, December 13, 2007


I was lucky enough to see two of the relatively slow-moving, yellow, Geminid meteors last night, between 10 and 10:20pm.
If we get another clear night tonight, (no reason why not, looking out of the office window), tonight will be the peak of the shower - we can expect about 1 a minute.

Remember, the apparent radiant is CASTOR in the constellation Gemini - near Mars.
At 9pm Mars is very obvious in the East.
At 7am Mars has travelled across the sky (with Castor and Pollux) and lies in the WNW.

Spend an hour gazing at the darkest sky you can tonight (if you have the inclination, and the time) and you should see dozens of Geminids streaking across the sky.
The meteors appearing closest to the radiant will be much shorter than those appearing in different parts of the sky, but seemingly all originating from the radiant.
Good luck...
Looky here.

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