Sunday, April 13, 2008


Enjoying the typical April weather?
"Sunshine and showers" - the Met Office meaningless cliche eh?!

Last April, on the equivalent sunday, when the London Marathon was run (as it was today) it was 28c (82f) - a little different this year I think!
That said, the bugs and buds are responding well.

Its my birthday tomorrow, and I hope the weather will be decent enough to allow Anna and I a trip to a local wood for some Bluebell shots - fingers crossed.
(If not tomorrow, then within a fortnight I'm sure - I don't want to miss them with my camera this year!)

All the photographs above can be enlarged (as normal) by clicking on them, or use the "New Warren" link at the top page of BG to see them in their full size with explanatory text on my online photo album.
The first is a photo of the half (but waxing) moon, I took after work last night, the second is of a Bee-Fly (taken a few days ago) and the third is of a "Nursery Web spider" (taken this morning in the back garden
Want to find out more - please do visit the New Warren...


Jane said...

Funny you should post a bee-fly as I videoed one the other day. Little blighter kept flying off! Lovely moon, and you would have laughed at me this morning with my head in the compost heap looking at spiders (four of them... god knows what... so small I couldn't really see them... needed your macro!) Saw my first Dartford Warbler today.... I was looking for lizards on the heath (inspired by your post) and saw DW instead. I think I'd better calm down and have a coffee. Jane

Jane said...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow!

How many candles on the cake?


joco said...

Bluebells? It'll have to be next week I reckon :-)

Wonder where? Badbury?

In many a year I haven't managed a good photo yet: somehow the combination of new beechleaves and dappled light on the blue jinxes my camera.

Many happy returns.

The Black Rabbit said...

Lovely to see a dartford warbler Jane! I've never seen one - though I did have a nice surprise this morning when a Blackcap flew into the garden and sang to me (its own version of Happy Birthday I like to think).
Candles on cake - not one of these people who are coy about these things - thirty seven.

Joco - Yes, we went to our "bluebell site" this morning and we have another week to wait - April 21st last year...

Cheers for the comments people!