Thursday, April 24, 2008


Well ok, so no Blue Tit nestbox live streaming from Black Rabbit towers this year, but you've now got links to EXCELLENT birdcams on Blue-Grey now.
A Goshawk nest in the New Forest and a Peregrine nest in Derby. Both are SUPERB - please, if you haven't used these links - do so!

What else can I give you?

How about a Little Owl nestbox camera or two? (From Holland).
Well worth a visit, the "angry-looking" little niblet is sitting on her eggs now, the fourth egg (vierde ei in dutch) was laid on the 20th April.
Both cameras are WONDERFULLY clear - please click HERE or use the (new link) in my expanding link section on Blue Grey.
You'll not be disappointed... There (like I said) is a wonderful live feed, and also plenty of clips of the pair of Owls battling Pigeons, Jackdaws and even a Barn Owl INSIDE their nest!

(NB. When you get to the site, you have to specify which camera you'd like a stream from by clicking the appropriate tab).


Jane said...

You've probably seen this, but how about the osprey RSPB cam as well:

Good luck with the badger watch!


The Black Rabbit said...

Thanks Jane - Thats ANOTHER window on my desktop then!
Great stuff!

nicola said...

the little owl web cam is amazing. you can even SEE the owl breathing as she sits on her eggs. Really excellent.

The Black Rabbit said...

It is excellent eh!!?
Click on camera #2 also - for a view of the entrance.
Also click on the clips for great clips of the Owl catching a pigeon in her box!